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We continue to develop exciting new products

If you have discovered Lankem for the first time, then you have stumbled across a company that ensures the development of products to the highest possible quality and standard. Lankem Consumer Products is the consumer brand part of Lankem Ltd, a company that for many year's has been involved with the development of new surfactant chemistries and formulations. Some exciting new chemistries that have recently been developed in our laboratories are the new range of bio-based surfactants known as BioLoop surfactants. These are a world first and will help to ensure that future cosmetic and personal care products move away from their reliance on synthetic additives.

Product Developments

When you purchase a product from Lankem Consumer Products, you have the guarantee that the products have been developed to the highest possible standard. Our company philosophy is to continue to develop new and interesting products to help the formulator bridge the demands of modern requirements. Our latest BioLoop technology based on bio-based raw materials is new, novel and helps to offer the formulator excellent sustainability profiling.

Quality, Environment and Health & Safety

As expected we are a quality assured company with compliance in accordance with ISO9001 and with an excellent environmental profile, we have been certified to ISO14001. As a member of the responsible care programme, we are committed to managing the business both ethically and responsibly. We have also demonstrated that our Occupational Health and Safety Management System is in compliance with OHSAS 18001.

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